Sunday, September 7, 2008

Life Can Change So Fast

Well a lot has happened since Jun when I posted the last message. I decided I needed a place to air out my thoughs. On June 29th everything seemed to be going well. We were planning a nice big 4th of July party here in Sequim at the house. Then on June 30th our world turned upside down. I felt something was wrong for a large part of the day but couldn't figure out what. Finally late that evening I called Reed, a family friend, and asked him to go check on Mike. That may have been a strange request for 11pm at night but none the less Reed did it for me. While in constant communication on the cell phone, Reed and his wife drove to our Redmond house. They found Mike but it was too late. He had died of self induced insulin shock. Mike had taken his own life to escape the pain and side effects of years of depression, diabetes and other medical issues. That is when everything changed for our family.

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