Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mike's Message to Jeffrey

I think some of my hardest times are when the kids are having a tough time. Mike left a 5 page letter for us. There were a lot of instructions, self doubt, and apologies in his letter. He said, "I have done nothing noteworthy nor have I become something of note. But always throughout my life I have tried to help and serve my fellow brothers and sisters on this earth, without thought of reward. That is the only legacy that I have to pass on." And what a legacy it was. I have never personally known someone who gave so willingly to others.
Here is a little of what Mike wrote to Jeffrey. "I am sorry, Jeffrey, that my decision has to affect you just as you are trying to get started in a new and very important chapter of your life... I hope you have a son so that the Chumley name will be perpetuated - not for my sake, but for my father who was a genuinely good person.... I hope and pray that you will never be tormented by depression as I have been... Hopefully, your mother's genes will override. I love you. I am proud of you."
Mike loved his kids. I don't know how Jeffrey is handling all this. He is amazing and has knowledge that helps him understand the purpose of life and Christ's atonement better then most preachers. Jeffrey stepped up to the plate and was thrown into what he called "Family Finance 310." He was the head of the house and wore the hat perfectly to help our family get through the first few months. I just hope he releases his emotions sometime. It helps with the healing.

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