Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Come What May and Love It"

Thank you for your support and positive encouragement. One of my favorite quotes is "Come what may and love it," from a recent talk by Elder Wirthland before he passed away. I had it on a sticky note by my computer. Rachel made a beautiful scrapbook style 8 x 10 of it and framed it for me for Christmas. Usually I do pretty good, but yesterday was just a tough day. It is hard to have Jeffrey go back to college; he is such a strength in our home.


Janice said...

that's one of my much needed quotes! I'm sorry you had a hard day. Wish I could take it away! Hang in there:)

Super Angie said...

I LOVE this pic of you with the pink sweater. You are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I loved that talk by Bro. Wirthlin also. and you look wonderful the trip to Hawaii did you good. Susan C