Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday Night Youth Dance

Let me just start by saying I love to dance. Always have and always will. I danced as a youth in dance festivals and then in college and as an adult. I have done everything from swing, ballroom, square dance, clogging and a little hip hop. Having said that, I usually had a great partner that always made me look better then I was! I forget steps real easily, so if you have a good partner, you just follow them.
The other night was a youth dance and I drove kids so I stayed to chaperon. It is so hard to sit there and just listen to music! We have a small youth group with maybe 40 kids at the dance. So if I get out there to dance, I really stand out. Rachel invited me a few times to join them which was fun. Especially when Michael Jackson's Thriller came on and no one new how to do the "thriller walk" but me. Of course when slow songs came on I watched all the youth pair up and it was cute to see them go around in their silly little slow dance circle. That is when I really miss Mike. I loved to dance with Mike. We would travel around the entire floor spinning. Dancing was probably one of the times we looked the happiest. It always made me smile to dance with him. He was so good at ballroom and the swing. I will miss those dances. Every time I hear our favorite dance songs, the memories are wonderful put the present moment is hard.


Jan J. said...

Grace, I just found your blog and have cried many tears. I miss you and wish I could be there as your support. Maybe a vacation in Bermuda would do you good. We're missionaries here for one more year and would love to have you visit.

Super Angie said...

Oh man...I have good memories of you at my stake dances and at the dances Mark and I would DJ at. You are awesome! And yes...a great dance partnership you and Mike had. Glad to hear you got out and shook your stuff! :)

Super Angie said... the new pictures you put up. And that bookshelf! WOW. What a talent Mike had for things like that. Its gorgeous. I love how you've decorated!

Grace Marie said...

Thanks, Mike desiged the bookcase, but had someone else build it. We made it permanant thinking we would be here for a long long time.

Ah, the memories of the dances back in the Kirkland Stake!!!