Friday, October 17, 2008

A Pretty Normal Week!

I think this has been a good week. I got to work at the Middle School Tuesday and that was fun. I sure am thankful for good kids after working around some of those at the Middle school! I really do enjoy working at the school but I also enjoy not working. So substituting is a good alternative. I just wish I would get called more then once a month!

Rachel has been doing good this week. Now that we have figured out that she has anxiety attacks we are addressing them and she is doing better. The school has been great about helping us out and listening to what sets her off and what helps her. Jeffrey just had a week off of school and spent it in Rexburg having fun. Marie is counting down the days for Chris to come home. I think we are at 21 days, YA! And Ethan is crawling everywhere and getting into everything! So things have been somewhat normal this week.

I am excited for our up coming travels. None of us wanted to spend the holidays in the traditional way that we have for years so I am surprising the kids with some trips. Thanks to great friends, we are staying in someones time share in Victoria for Thanksgiving. It will be just Jeffrey, Rachel, Marie, Chris, Ethan and I so it should be fun. Lots to see there. Christmas will only be Jeffrey, Rachel and I. I planned something special but I can't talk about it yet cause they might read it on here! Anyway, it has been nice to have a calm and pretty normal week.

I did have to edge the yard and do some mowing. That kills my back. I don't know how long I will be able to keep up this yard. The yard needs someone who will give it some tender loving care and that someone is not me!!! Well, at least I should sleep good tonight.


Super Angie said...

I totally hear ya on yard work. UGH!

Yea for normal weeks. I love having a routine to stick to. Maybe you could work at another middle school subistuting? Hmmm...

I'm glad Rachel is getting some help. Give her a HUG for me. :)

Grace Marie said...

Problem about subsituting at another middle school is that there are only four schools in the entire School District!!! Two grade schools, a middle school and a high school. The next district over is about a half hour drive. That is why I am debating going back to school and getting my secondary degree then I can work at the high school in the class room too.