Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Book is Finally Written!

I am so excited right now! My book is in its final review, it has a cover and will be ready to sell by 12-10-12 . This is a dream that has taken a long time. The first few chapters are not from my blog but has some information that is a great addition. So there is a lot of new information. It will be available on Amazon, Kindle or directly from my blog. I hope to have several copies at home too and would love to sign them personally! Spread the word!

The cover picture is one a took at the Outer Banks right after hurricane Sandy passed through. I love the ocean. It is powerful but yet has such grace and beauty.

It is currently available at:

It is also available on Amazon.com for Kindle or paperback!

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Erin McBride said...

Hi, you contacted me about submitting your book to my site www.mormonbooksandauthors.com.
However, you didn't leave an email address!
Please email me at mcbridemarketing at gmail so we can get your book up!