Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wedding Photo for Rachel and Chris

I know it has been awhile, but I thought I would share the professional photos from Chris and Rachel's April Wedding. It was a beautiful day for April and all the receptions were perfect. Great way to start married life!

Professional Pictures from Chris and Rachel's wedding

As for me, I spent the summer living in Utah were all my kids were living within an hour of each other. We have had a lot of fun together. Picnics, Stadium of Fire with the Beach Boys, dinners, game nights, and next week WICKED at the Capital Theatre! It has been fun but at some point I have to go back home and Chris and Rachel will head back to Hawaii to finish school. Jeffrey will start a medical program here in Utah keeping them here for another 3-5 years. Chris and Marie will hopefully finish in 1-2 years and move somewhere in the Northwest. So life is good and we are holding together as a growing family.

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