Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Valentine's Day Slips By

It is February again, and for those who know me, it is kind of a tough month. Sad to say February 7th went by without me even thinking about that as the day of my first date with Mike and the day he proposed 2 years after that first date. I am not sure if it is sad I didn't think about it or good that I am moving on...

Valentine's Day is always harder for those who don't have someone special to love.  My daughter and her husband are living with me temporarily so she made some amazing cupcakes and we shared them with people. Service always helps so we don't dwell on ourselves. That night, I dressed up  and went to a church dance with them. Most of the couples were older so Rachel and Chris didn't stay too long. I decided to stay and make some new friends. It was hard watching all the couples dance but at least I was visiting with people.When I came home, I found this on my bed. It was very touching, sweet and made my day! I love my kids and their spouses. Everyone wants to know they are loved. Most people NEED to know they are loved and not just on Valentine's Day but every day. "I LOVE YOU," may be the most important words you ever utter. Say it often.

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