Monday, July 11, 2011

A Beautiful Tribute

So today I was randomly going through files on the computer and trying to find things I can delete when I came across a poem. At first I thought it was a cool poem written by a daughter to her father, but it just fit uncannily to Mike & Rachel, then I realized it was written by Rachel.  I had never seen this before and she will most likely not be happy with me for sharing it, but I think it is beautiful and shows her deep love for her dad.  

My Papa, My Daddy, My Father

You were my light in the dark,
The one that kept me from going astray.
My papa, my daddy, my father,
You raised me in every perfect way.

My daddy was an angel down here below,
 Now he’s an angel up where the winds blow.
Far, far away, yet still close to my heart,
I still can’t believe you chose to part.

To part from me, your little helper,
Your little darling girl.

After you left me at only 15,
Daddy who would be the one
 To pester my dates when
 I turned sweet sixteen?

Who’d be the one to see all my shows?
 Or to give me away on that white wedding day?
I wish you would have stayed.

The note that you left me on your now empty bed,
Said, “Leaving you is one of the hardest parts of my decision to leave”.
As I sit here, wiping my tears on my sleeve,
Cold and numb, wishing you were here to save me from this glum.

You chose to be dead,
To overdose on the only thing that was saving you,
The only thing keeping me with you.

Forget all the troubles,
Forget all the pain.

I will only remember the good times that remain.
Where you would tuck me tightly into bed,
Where you would kiss my forehead and wish me sweet dreams.

No matter what, I love you.
My family is forever,
And I can’t wait to see you…

Once again.

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