Monday, November 1, 2010

Letters, Photographs, and Saved Treasures Can Tell You A Lot About A Person

I have spent a lot of time lately going through my mother's stuff. I think she saved every paper that ever crossed her path! I had a lot of fun finding lose photographs from the 1940's and 50's. I scanned most of them and then put them in a pile of who should get the picture based on who was in it. I also plan to make a disk for my sisters so they can have access to pictures I might not be sending them. It takes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes I have to walk away for awhile. I have tried to photograph as much of her stuff as possible and send pictures to my sisters so they feel they have had a good choice asking for the things they want. I have seen to many families get pulled apart after a death by a selfish executor or greedy family member.
I enjoyed sending each of the grandchildren and great grandchild a check from her estate. It was small, but it was something. I love family and I hate to see it pulled apart by distance and disagreements. Always the peace maker, that is me. I will often take full blame for something just to save a relationship, even if I wasn't the one at fault. I just like to be happy and I like others to find happiness.
Today was cool and also sad going through things. Mom had a lot of binders full of stuff. As I went through them throwing out all the articles she kept from magazines and newspapers what was left were a lot of cards and letters. I noticed a sad trend; almost all of the letters and cards were from me and my kids. It saddened me that we didn't write even more. It must have been lonely for her sometimes. It also made me happy to know we tried. I hope someday when I am alone my kids will remember and teach their kids how important letters and cards are for grandparents. Because she kept all the letters we sent her when we lived in Korea, I now have a better journal of our time there.
We as a society need to remember that with all the fancy technology, a handwritten letter or note to someone has a huge impact. I am glad my kids tried to be a large part of her life. Now I understand better why they all had such a nice relationship with her. Maybe I shouldn't say this but I can also see why she always told Rachel that she was her favorite. She was closer to Rachel then she was to the rest of us and I can see that by going through her stuff. Interesting.

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