Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holidays Are Approaching

Well it is that time of year to make it through the holidays. I don't have to hard of a time. I think it is a lot harder on Rachel then on me. Thanksgiving is hard since Mike's birthday falls during that time. It really doesn't bother me but it does affect Rachel. She will be doing a college tour that day so hopefully we will keep her mind off of it. We tend to like to get away for the holidays to start new traditions. This year we will be gone for Thanksgiving but not for Christmas. Christmas it will be just Rachel and I . . . alone. Weird. Jeffrey will be with his fiancee's family and Marie & Chris are supposed to be with the in-laws. A few people feel sorry for us and have invited us to go to their place but they are all hours away and Rachel and I actually want to be home. Since there won't be much to do with presents with the two of us, Rachel suggested we do most of our gift giving to the Winter Wishes program at the high school. That is cool with me. If anyone else needs a good cause to donate to during the holidays, let me know! I have connections....

Anyway, life is good. I am recovering from surgery on my middle finger, which is a bit awkward, but doing fine. I managed to get the yard all taken care of before winter sets in. Now I need to do a run to the dump. I still have junk of my moms all over the place that I have been going through. Need to get that stuff out of the house and garage soon. Almost to late to do a garage sale. Spent a lot of time scanning her pictures so the family can all have access to them. So life is busy and good. Had a few trials but they are just there to strengthen, so we move on!

I still have the best kids in the world and love them a ton. I guess right now I can't complain!


Janice said...

good for you to scan all the pictures. I hope your family appreciates the time you're putting into that. Most people say they're going to do and then never do. I do hope you find some peace and enjoyment in the holidays and many reasons to be thankful!

HilarieLewis said...

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