Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sometimes I Want to Shut this World Out of My Life

Today has been a slow day, slow in the sense that my mind won't stop dwelling on certain things so I can get other things done.  I find it interesting that what started out as just letting my thought get out of my head and not really thinking people would care to read them, turned into having so many hits and now things I can't discuss because of who may read it! I need a vacation from this town, my computer and life in general...is that possible?

Good News/Bad New
#1 Good news is I beat the IRS! The case in now closed and they own me over paid taxes. That is pretty amazing to state when just 2 years ago they wanted over $90,000 from me for 15 years of extensions filed, over paid but never completed and I fought most of the battle alone. I have to thank Maria Cantwell's office for finding me a tax advocate to help me settle the last 4 years that the IRS was fighting with me on. It is over and I won! No lawyers, no fees, no payments, just hard investigative work on my part to prove their errors.
#1 Bad news is I will probably never get back the investment I made right after Mike's death to someone I thought I could trust but was wrong.
#2 Good news is I have amazing children with high standards that I can trust and who have always told me the truth. That is an amazing thing in this world of sin and confusion. They are my rock. In fact, a lot of the time they are way better then I am.
#2 Bad news is that bad decisions on my part, have led to gossip and problems for the one child who is so strong in values that anyone who truly knew them would never even suggest such a things.
#3 Good news my youngest, Rachel, was crowned Homecoming Queen last weekend. She was truly shocked. I didn't know if she would win or not but I new she deserved it. She has changed so much over the last four years and has really tried to come out of her quiet, shy, shell.
#3 Bad news is some people see her shyness as stuck-up and snobby. Guess they don't know her well enough and that is too bad. She hates her time wasted. She is so broken heart when some teases her about things out of her control. The other night at the homecoming dance, she missed the Royalty dance and Andrew the King was left on the floor until someone else joined him. Some gossiped that she was off with her date. Truth was she was told Royalty pictures would be at 9 in the little gym, so the went over at 8:57. No one ever told her the dance was first. They waited at the pictures and when everyone showed up they told her she missed the dance. She was horrified and feels awful and people won't let it go. It was an honest mistake and no ones fault, just something that happened.

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