Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some Days Are Just Meant To Be Off Days

I guess it is a good thing that life is never dull. School started this week and my dream job position is open at the high school. Having said that, I am not going to apply for it : (    There is no way I can work full time this year with Rachel graduating. She is the senior class president which means I get the honor of heading up the senior class party after graduation and Jeffrey is getting married in May. I still have two estates to close out, Mikes and my moms, plus I have to still tend to my aunts needs now that she is home from rehab. So for now, I will enjoy substituting and having fun when I can. I love the students at the high school. They brighten my day!
I have had a lot of good laughs lately but I have also had a few cries. Last Sunday I had a panic attack, weird just weird. I had a lot of stress trying to work out details for picking up my mom's stuff. On top of that, I was told about another suicide. It was how it was presented that bothered my more then the suicide itself. For some reason the effect was overwhelming to me and as I drove to my aunt's I couldn't breath and started crying. I guess things like that will go on for a long time depending how it hits me.  
On the other side of life, I have had a lot of good laughs with special friends and have found myself smiling more then normal. So even with the days that things are off a little, life it still good.

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