Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Highs and Lows in Life

When there are large gaps between posts, one of two things is happening. Either I am too busy to sit and type something up OR there is so much in my head I am avoiding typing anything. This time it is a little bit of both. I have been very busy working and just being mom. May is never a good month anyway. The year after Mike's death had a lot of first and that was hard. Every time something happened that was a first without him, it took a lot to hold things together. In the letter he left behind, he even mentioned how hard it would be for him to not be here for a lot of Rachel's "firsts" like her first date, prom, etc. So those moments can still be hard.
Now we are coming to the end of the second year. Honestly for me it wasn't as hard as it was just numb. No feelings at all. Our anniversary came and went and I really didn't think to much about it. I posted something on my facebook that day about how it would have been 29 years. A few people made comments to cheer me up, but I wasn't really down. It was just another day.  My birthday came and went and it was pretty low key. Rachel and I were both sick and I worked so we didn't do much. Then on Mother's Day Marie and Ethan left for home with Jeffrey so that was a downer day! But I don't cry much at all anymore. It is just numb.
May has brought both highs and lows this year. Lows because of conflicts and highs because of accomplishments. I haven't had so many conflicts with people in a long time. Often it was me doing or saying something stupid and sometimes it was others. I usually have a high tolerance for people but I even lost my patience with a man in a meeting I was in. Not like me at all. I don't feel stressed . . . but then again I am dealing with the IRS still and that is stressful alone!
One of the highs this month would be the school musical. They did "Into the Woods" and I thought they did a fabulous job. Rachel was fantastic at her role as the witch even though she was sick with a sore throat all 6 shows. Her fellow actors did a marvelous job also. This first pic has Danny and Abby as the baker and his wife being visited by the witch next door (Rachel.)

Rachel is an old ugly witch but turns into a beautiful but still mean witch. This second picture is Rachel talking to Rapunzel her "daughter."  There are several videos on youtube that you can look at if you search "Into the Woods Sequim High School."  The kids put a lot of hard work into the show and did a wonderful job.
Another high this month was Rachel being elected as senior class president for next year. I am very proud of her because the leadership class has really helped her to step out of her comfort zone and try things that don't come easy to her. Jeffrey is doing great in school still and continues to amaze me with his strength. I am also very proud of Marie for realizing some changes she wanted to make in her life. Change is hard. I hope she does better then I do with that one! All in all, life is good and my kids are amazing. We all have our pitfalls and issues, but who in life doesn't.


Marie said...

The witch isn't necessarily mean. She's just seen enough of the world and it's darkness that it's made her harsh. I think Rachel portrayed that very well in her transformation from old ugly witch, to beautiful but powerless, to broken and alone. :)

Grace Marie said...

Wow Marie you nailed that. Maybe you should be a critic for shows or movies? You nailed Rachel's performance as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz too, but then you were a theatre major and you do watch a lot of shows so you would know, but honestly I think you could be good at that!!!