Friday, July 10, 2009

Miscellaneous Wandering of the Mind

What a week. I had one really bad day when everything went wrong. I just about broke into tears several times in public. Not sure what was going on other then I was trying to tackle stupid little things I never used to have to deal with. I went to Sears 4 times that day! Lots of parts and $50 later, the lawnmower grass catcher still doesn't work! But I got a new weed wacker and I like it.
I got my third notice from Consumer Reports that they automatically extended Mike's subscription and want to be paid. No where on the invoice is there a phone number to call so I then checked the web site. No number. For the third time (but this time with a little more passion) I scribbled in black marker, "HE IS DECEASED! If you would put a phone number on here I would call you to cancel this. DON'T SEND ME ANY MORE BILLS or Magazines!" I was so frustrated with these guys. They make it so hard to stop the subscription. Just a lot of little things that day.
But life always gets better. I have been doing a lot of cleaning and throwing away stuff. That is enjoyable to do. I just have to tackle my office and bedroom! After I had cleaned all day, Rachel and her friend Laura got in the hot tub. I planned to join them but got busy on the phone instead. About 11 Rachel heard a knock on the kitchen window that sent her to the floor screaming! There were definitely people outside, but who? All the boys were on a 50 mile bike trip in the San Juan Islands. I had the girls turn out all the lights so we could see out and sure enough two things dressed in black were running around. I knew they were friends, so I eventually scared them and the girls came in the house to join us. We started another movie and then talked until 4am. As I was crawling into bed I noticed a light coming in from outside and thought I left the back porch light on. Upon further examination I realized the light was coming from the horizon! I managed to fall asleep but at 6am I woke up to a start. I could hear water running and the cat running up and down the hall in a panic. I jumped up to find the water in my bathroom tub was running! When I found the cat he was all wet. I can only guess that he was in the big tub and went to jump out and pulled on the handle falling back in and getting wet!!! Crazy cat. Needless to say as always, a bad day at the beginning of the week didn't keep me from having a good time the rest of the week.
Today I even enjoyed mowing the lawn with my new safety headphones with an I-Pod attachment. Nothing like sun, music and dancing to the tunes while sitting on my lawnmower.... okay so I did look a bit odd. I think my neighbors thought I was nuts because when I finished I was hot and gross so I ran through the sprinklers in my clothes......


Marie said...

You're so funny mom! Love the idea of the iPod headphones!

Still can't figure out how the cat turned on the water...

and I would've paid money to see Rach fall to the floor screaming! :D

Wish I could move back in with you guys while Chris is gone, but I don't want to leave this house empty for Jeffrey and have to re-establish myself here :(

Miss you two and love you tons!

Grace Marie said...

Ya the headphones protect your ears from the loud equipment so you can blast them with music instead!!! I listen to the music softly...
I would have paid $ to see how the cat turned on the water!!!
And I think I will take the $500 a month, have it sent here and use it to do lots of flying back and forth for the next year while Chris is gone!!!
See you in about 23 days!
LOVE to my grandson and kids.