Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It has been interesting that lately several people have asked me how my kids were doing, in fact more people then normal. I appreciate that people are concerned about my kids. It is good to know that people are watching out for them and that they care. The interesting thing is right now they are all pretty happy! Jeffrey is doing well in school, just got a scholarship for next year and has a great understanding and outlook on life. Marie, although she doesn't want to move back to Utah, has been doing much better and seems to find more happiness now then last year.
As for Rachel, I have not seen her this happy for years. She is busy and does stress over school work and tests, but she is really happy. There has only been one really bad anxiety episode in the last few months. I attribute a lot of her happiness to her boyfriend who treats her like a queen. I couldn't have picked a better young man for her to date. Their moral standards are extremely high, they spend the right amount of time together and still give each other space, and they do really kind things for each other. Yes, I am a bit jealous!
My son-in-law treats Marie like a queen too! I guess I am a pretty lucky mom. I have no doubt that Jeffrey, when married, will treat his wife as a queen also. I am thankful that they are all such wonderful kids. 
So what would make some people concerned now when the kids are doing so well?  Not sure, but it caused me to probe and ask some questions! You know what I found out? They are happy and doing well! Oh there is the usual frustrations with school work, tantrums & toddlers, and friends that aren't being real "friends," but all in all life is good.
Rachel was telling me the other day that studies have been done that show how people react when processing something. When someone gives her directions, she looks off to the right and visualizes what she is to do. She looks off to the left if she is recalling something. This is very normal, but it has been mistake by some that she is not paying attention. Anyway, right now I am counting my blessings that my kids are enjoying life best they can and if people don't believe that, maybe they are the ones changing!!!

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carmen said...

You do have a pretty terrific family!