Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy But In a Funky Place

I am finding that I am keeping myself overly busy with work, listening to loud music so I don't have to think, and just avoiding certain things. Weird. What am I running and hiding from? Loneliness? I often find myself trying to take care of everyone else that I forget about taking care of myself. I am begining to wonder if I purposely take care of everyone else so I don't have to deal with myself...  just a thought.
I need to get out an exercise. That is something I love to do, it is healthy, and I have been cleared by my physical therapist to go back to. So now where is the motivation? I always get this feeling I have to "look" better to ever attract someone but I just don't care to jump on the band wagon of being something I am not. For me to ever be this skinny attractive lady it would take an obsession with exercising and a lot of unhealthy pills. Been there and down that once, not interested in that again. It is werid because I am happy, I am just in the funky place.


Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

being happy is great. But you do need to take care of yourself more and I agree--you have always seemed happier when exercising (I remember some exercise things we even did together at church). I think you should sign up to take an adult tap class--or something similar. Learn something new, find a new "passion". Or take up a new sport--something you hadn't really considered before...just for a month to see how you like it.

Being funky is good...being in a funky place is bad...unless its a "funky house"! lol

Diane said...

Exercise because it makes you feel good, it helps you be healthy, etc. The looking great comes because you are healthy and strong, not because you are "skinny".