Friday, November 21, 2008

Milestones - "Happy Birthday Mike"

Well this week has been fun and long. I worked at the high school which was fun. I had my hips and lower back go out twice which wasn't fun. I learned to play "rock band" on the wii with a fun group of kids. I went to see the midnight show of TWILIGHT with a carload of girls, which was a blast and I dealt with an interesting situation with Rachel at our church youth group. So life is normal and good. My computer freaked out on me too and I lost a folder in my Outlook that had all our holiday activities in it... I hope I can figure it all out again!
Saturday will be a difficult milestone for us. I haven't brought it up so I don't know if the kids remember that Mike's birthday is the 22 of November. I have reminded Rachel several times that we will have a lot of firsts this year. This is one of them. Mike would be 52. In the past, we didn't celebrate Mike's birthday real big, but we would always go out to dinner and have a gift or two. This year I think we are kind of hiding from the normal things. That is why we are taking off for the holidays; we just don't want to do the traditional normal things.
I was frustrated this week when I had car and computer problems and he wasn't here to fix them. Makes me feel a bit helpless. I also haven't been able to deal with putting a marker on the grave yet. It just weirds me out to have a large marker with my name on it too, so I just ignore it. I wish I new someone in Mose Lake that could at least go put flowers on the grave. I hope we all get though tomorrow okay. Maybe I will just keep busy.


Marie said...

I remembered.

We should do something today.....

Super Angie said...

I am sorry I haven' checked out your blog in a week.


Be strong!