Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Comes With Age? FUN TIMES!!!

Is 50 old? Nope! When my dad turned 50 he went snow skiing for the first time. I thought my dad was old and that he would break his neck. He didn't even fall, loved it, but never did it again.  50 still seemed old to my 10 year old brain.
Since I turned 50 a few years ago, (I know it is hard to believe) I have done some of the coolest things! Here is a quick list: 5K Dirty Dash (mud run), para sailed, cave swam, 5K Electric Night Run, zip lined, snorkeled, swam with dolphins and turtles, 5K Color Run, hiked to 2 waterfalls, several light houses and an animal refuge, 5K To Hell With Cancer, took a jet boat to the Na Pali Coast, wrote a book, 5K for CF, paddle boarded, walked all over France, Italy, Washington DC, Danmark, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Estonia, and kayaked in the ocean!
So all of you young people that think 50 is old, think again. My muscles ache and I get tired and sore easier but life is great. I have money and time to do things I have never done before. So don’t feel like getting old will limit your adventures, just keep on truckin, even if it is at a slower pace!

So what is my next adventure? I have another 5K coming up, 2014 Central America and the ruins, 2015 South America and the Antarctica! The adventures will stop when my heart does…even if that means wheelchair races in a rest home! LOL

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Janice said...

You do seem to be having a great time! Good for you. I'm not sure any of could even keep up;)