Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Think of what you can do in May for Mental Health Awareness Month. Everyone has someone in their life that suffers from mental illness. Make sure you let them know how wonderful this world is with them. This month if you buy my book 'Grace Under Pressure - Smiling Through Adversity' I will donate a portion of the sales to Bring Change 2 Mind. Read the article below to understand their mission.


Many of you learned about Bring Change 2 Mind through our 2009 Public Service Announcement (PSA) directed by Ron Howard and filmed in New York’s majestic Grand Central Station. Thanks to generous media partners, and your outreach, our anti-stigma awareness message has been seen by an astounding 800 million people.

Our community is strong but we want our collective voice to be louder! In support of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, we’ve partnered with Time to Change, England’s largest program challenging mental health stigma and discrimination, to create a new PSA based on one of the U.K.’s most effective social media campaigns.

We need your help!

As we develop our new campaign, we’re looking to you to help us fund a small portion of the production. We’ve called in lots of favors but some fixed costs must be covered. With your donation, large or small, we will reach millions of new viewers. If you cannot contribute, we hope that you will continue to support BC2M by sharing our message, enlisting friends to take The Pledge and helping us grow our community through Facebook and Twitter.

Our message is based on the latest science.

Members of our Scientific Advisory Council have measured the efficacy of a Time to Change PSA prototype for an American audience. Data collected from this study shows increased understanding of the commonality of mental illness, a reduction in social distancing, and a strong belief that recovery is possible! We will reshoot the PSA featuring my family. Like 1 in 4 families affected by mental health disorders, we struggle through the challenging times and celebrate the good days.

It’s time to talk about mental illness and end stigma & discrimination. Thank you for your participation in our new campaign and your continued support of Bring Change 2 Mind!

With great appreciation,

Glenn Close

To show your support with a donation please click here

Or Mail Checks to: BC2M, 1265 Battery St. 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111

In recognition of your contribution:

Gifts of $1,000+ will receive a BC2M Campaign Partner Certificate with my signature and special title credit in an online version of the PSA.

Gifts of $250+ will receive a collectible BC2M Campaign Partner certificate with my signature

Gifts of $100+ will receive a BC2M t-shirt

100% of your contribution will be put towards the PSA campaign and is fully tax deductible.

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