Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day? Hummmm

So what do you do on this day when there is no one special love of your life? I started first by expanding my "love" circle to my kids and their loves. Sent them all cards to arrive today. Then I went a step further and sent all the high school girls I work with at church a card, just in case no one thought of them as a Valentine. Yesterday, I started to think about my middle school church girls, what if they didn't get anything? So while I was working yesterday, I bought the 'Candy Grams' the middle school was selling and had them delivered to their classes today.

But when Valentine's Day actually came, I laid in bed all morning not wanting to deal with it or with the fact that maybe no one would remember me. Then I had to make an attitude adjustment. This was ridiculous. I got out of bed and started making cupcakes. When they were ready, I drove to my aunt's house and told her she was coming with me. We delivered cupcakes to single friends we both new around town and a few other people we just love. Took us most of the afternoon. Then we went to a late lunch together. As we were getting ready to leave the diner, two of the young men from the high school came in and were waiting for their dates, who just happened to be two of my favorite girls. I teased the boys, gave them a few tips then made one more delivery.

Now I am home, still alone, still somewhat sad, but yet very happy because service helps us to think of others and not dwell so much on ourselves. I learned a lot from the wonderful people Donna and I visited today. Some who may be lonelier then me. I am thankful that somewhere in my life other people taught me to serve. Life is all about choices and attitude adjustments. Today I made a choice to adjust.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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