Monday, September 21, 2009

Well it has been awhile since I was on here. I guess that means I have been keeping busy and doing good. Actually I was spending a lot of time with my grandson before he left for home. So the house is now quiet and clean. I think I would rather have it full of toys and squeals! Ethan loved hanging around outside with me. We would walk to the mailbox, play with the dog, watch the cows, he would do anything to stay outside. He even spent an afternoon helping a young man I hired do yard work. Ethan thought he was pushing the wheel barrel but Hunter was pulling it from the front! I really enjoyed it when he would babble on endlessly to me about what he was doing. I took him to two of the high school football games and he would look around until he spotted Rachel cheer leading. At first he would bury his face in my shoulder if I started screaming for our team but he got used to it. He loves to watch the video I took of the game. We spent our last day together at the Seattle Aquarium.
So now it is back to normal life if you can call it that. I will be working 3 1/2 days this week at the high school. I am substituting in biology tomorrow, how fun is that! Jeffrey better have his cell phone on in case I need help!!! Speaking of Jeffrey he is doing great in school. He is trying to decide where to do his PhD. He has another year to think about it. Rachel is doing great in school and is very involved. She has a good schedule and is handling things very well.
As for me, I am doing good. I hang out with a bunch of teenagers. It would be nice to have some adult companionship (especially guys) but that isn't likely to happen around here. So for now it is late start Monday breakfast for about 20 high school students, weekend movie nights and football games. On Mondays I actually have about 20 kids show up at the house and we cook breakfast before school starts! It is a lot of fun. Even with the kids always around, it does get lonely for adult companionship sometimes.

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sasquatch said...

Well, Linda and I will be up there (Auburn) for our yearly trip next month! Oh wait, you said you wanted adult companionship...