Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slowing Down The Pace - Book 2

Book 2 is added to the title because I just had my blog bound in book form so I can keep it as a journal. This will be the start of the next book. As I was doing this task on line, I decided to add more pictures of this last year. Looking at these pictures I realized in the worst of times I had some of the best times ever. Not many people get to set $$$ aside to use as a release from life. Knowing how difficult this past year would be I sold one of Mike's stocks and used it just for get away fun. Perfect timing to if you know what I mean. With that money and the kindness of others donating timeshares and homes we were able to go to Victoria for Thanksgiving, Hawaii for Christmas, Disneyland, two trips to Utah and a trip to California to help out my lifelong friend in her move. Rachel said we have flown around way to much! So this past year has been full of family, friends and good times. It does seem to soften the reality of life.
Now it is time to slow down and start getting back into a routine. It is time to make a new budget, work a little and start saving.
Rachel has been doing very well. No major anxiety attacks since last March. She is so involved with school this year that I hope she can maintain her grades. Not that I have strict expectations on her grades, but she does!!! Rachel had the opportunity to go to a recording studio and record some songs. it was a lot of fun. She record a song called "Virtue" for a competition and it is amazing. I am sure the other 99 contests were good too, but Rachel was amazing!!! (Okay, I am her mom.)
Jeffrey has done well in school. He had a 4.0 winter and summer semesters. It seems that when he is at his busiest he is dating the most! He loves working in the lab at U of U. Like his dad, he is way to hard on himself sometimes. I keep telling him we are not perfect in this life, just doing our best to become that way. It is really hard to teach someone to not get down in the process since we all have our ups and downs in life.
Marie and Ethan are here visiting us and it is so fun. Ethan is such a treasure. Chris' unit hasn't let for Iraq yet but they are down in Texas. So he gets a 4 day leave and he is flying up here to see them tomorrow. That will be nice for them and I get to babysit! Ethan loves his daddy.
Now it is time to slow down and get back into a school schedule. That means getting up at 6:30 every morning, getting back to the gym (I am about to hit a weight that I haven't been at in over 10 years!), and having a schedule to life not just waking up each day to see what needs done. When I think about what I want to do with the next few years I am often blank. I want to get Rachel through school, but what do I want? It seems we are taught to do for others first that when we get to a place in life were we could actually do something for ourselves, we are blank. We really don't know how to care for our own needs as well as we do for others. I think I may want to write a book, do some family history, and travel to Europe. Big goals but it is fun to dream...

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Otter Mum's Den said...

Wow! 4.0 Summer semester too? If I remember correctly from talking to him on the way to Amanda's wedding, that was supposed to be a killer semester too!